003 Stilts Side Table


Philippe Malouin

The Stilts Side Table consists of a floating volume elevated above the ground. The form is inspired by the vernacular architecture of lakeside cabins common in both Quebec, from where designer Philippe Malouin hales, and in Finland. In the spirit of these informal buildings, over-engineered solutions have been rejected in favour of an intuitive structure. Therefore, the Side Table is simple but effective; a box drawer sits inside a cavity whilst legs support and enclose the volume in a matter-of-fact way; an honest design made from the most honest of materials.

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Vaarnii 003 Stilts Side Table


Pine will naturally change color as it ages. Your pale piece of furniture will gradually mature to a beautiful honey color over the course of several years. Pine is a soft wood and will also suffer some dents and scratches over time. We ask you to embrace and enjoy these characterful signs of aging.